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Fiber optic Packages

Unlimited access for all

$50 / month *

60 mbps/25

$75 / month *

500 mbps/100

* Price subject to a two-year contract.
Regular price +$20/month

End-of-road Packages

Radio Frequency 5 Mbps/3

$29.95 / month

40 Gb

$39.95 / month

100 Gb

$49.95 / month

200 Gb

$59.95 / month

350 Gb

$70 /

500 Gb

IP Telephony

 Unlimited calls anywhere in Canada and the US

$24.95 / month

Quick setup

Quick connection and installation by a CSUR technician

Free calls

 Unlimited calls anywhere in Canada and the US

Easily adapts

Works with all types of devices

IP Television

 Step 1

Choose your basic package

Step 2

 What additional channels
would you like to have? (Optional)
* These channels can be chosen individually or as a personalized package

 Step 3

Would you like to have access to a specialized channel?

Connected residences / shops
serviced municipalities
km of fibre optic cable

Make an appointment for
an installation !

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Save $10/month when you subscribe to 3 services
Or $2/month when you subscribe to 2 services.

About us

Connec-T Team

Fabien Grégoire

Installation Technician

Mathieu Bérubé

Coordinator of Connec-T's network

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