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Include: Internet 60 mbps, TV Plus package + 2 decoders


Include: Internet 60 Mbps, IP telephony, IP Television Basic Package + 1 decoder

Fiber optic Packages

Unlimited access for all

$46 / month *

25 mbps/25

$57 / month *

60 mbps/25

$68 / month *

150 mbps/50

$79 / month *

400 mbps/100

* Price subject to a two-year contract.
Regular price +$20/month

End-of-road Packages

Radio Frequency 5 Mbps/3

$29.95 / month

40 Gb

$39.95 / month

100 Gb

$49.95 / month

200 Gb

$59.95 / month

350 Gb

$70 /

500 Gb

IP Telephony

 Unlimited calls anywhere in Canada and the US

$24.95 / month

Quick setup

Quick connection and installation by a CSUR technician

Free calls

 Unlimited calls anywhere in Canada and the US

Easily adapts

Works with all types of devices

IP Television

 Step 1

Choose your basic package

Step 2

 What additional channels
would you like to have? (Optional)
* These channels can be chosen individually or as a personalized package

 Step 3

Would you like to have access to a specialized channel?

Connected residences / shops
serviced municipalities
km of fibre optic cable

Make an appointment for
an installation !

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Save $10/month when you subscribe to 3 services
Or $2/month when you subscribe to 2 services.

About us

The Connec-T Network is the first service of the Coop-CSUR, this network was built by citizens of Très-Saint-Rédempteur in 2006, because they could not get connected by existing telecommunications companies. One thing leading to another, municipalities joined, people from all over Soulanges and Eastern Ontario called to be connected.

At the forefront, we invest massively, with our members, to improve the quality of the network and offer a service equivalent to what you find in town, at the same price as in town!

Connec-T Team

Sébastien Primeau

Network Manager

Fabien Grégoire

Installation Technician

Mathieu Bérubé

Coordinator of Connec-T's network

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